Full-Service Electrical from Design to Production

Design & Engineering

We have the staff, talent and experience to design, engineer and then implement the plan for any Industrial or Commercial Electrical project.

Estimating and Value Engineering

We can take your engineering plans and provide an accurate estimate bid to complete them.  We also offer to "Value Engineer" a project and can provide suggestions on better or more efficient ways to finish your project.  


Our electricians are trained and experienced to work as safely and productively as possible.  With over 25 years in business there is not much we have not seen or done regarding Industrial Electrical applications.

Emergency Electrical Services

Most of our customers operate their businesses 24/7, so, we are available should an event occur that requires after-hours or weekend work.

Arc Flash, Infrared, & Testing Services

We can do a full Arc Flash, Infrared or Testing study for a portion or an entire facility.

Systems Integration

We can provide manufacturing equipment Systems Analysis, Integration and Installation.   We can service and install most System Controls, PLC's, etc...